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Sedentary desk jobs, high stress, and poor eating habits are the modern workplace hazards leading to obesity and associated health issues. We offer weight care interventions and lifestyle changes to help your employees achieve their weight care goals without any shame and bias.
An overweight organization

Growing health & economic burden



1 in 4 adults is overweight 1 in 20 is morbidly obese

Risk Factors at Work

Risk Factors at Work

Prolonged sitting Work Stress Poor sleep pattern & quality Poor eating habbits

Cost to employee

Cost to employee

42% more healthcare cost compared to a normal indvidual

Cost to employer

Cost to employer

4.2% loss in productivity ₹ 40,000/- loss per employee
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We are a modern, one-stop destination for Weight Care. With over 100 years of combined clinical experience, our team specializes in evidence-based weight loss and management solutions, personalized for individual’s biology. From healthy meal options to clinical guidance, we have everything an employee needs in their weight care journey

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