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Excess weight loss in 1month
Excess weight loss in 6months
Improvement in existing medical condition
Improvement in quality of life
Results based on 100 patients study with BMI 30+ and weight-related co-morbidity diagnosis who underwent clinical intervention.
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"From clinical interventions to curated nutrition plans, Leptyn provides personalized care to achieve every weight loss and health goal without any bias, blame and shame."

Dr. Neha Shah - Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

India’s top weight loss doctors

India’s top weight loss doctors

Clinically proven weight loss programs

Clinically proven weight loss programs

Holistic & personalised approach

Holistic & personalised approach

Exceptional results

Exceptional results

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Weight Loss and Wellbeing


Weight Loss Programs

Personalized online programs with virtual consultations and doorstep delivery of our exclusive weight loss kit.
Starting at ₹2999

Weight Loss Procedures

Non-Surgical & Surgical Procedures to support your weight loss journey
Starting at ₹15000

Health & Wellness Store

Exclusive range of food and other products to support weight loss and your well-being.
Starting at ₹99

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How It Works?

Step 1 : Consult Weight Loss Doctor
Step2 : Finalize your personalized program with doctor consultation
Step 3 : Receive Home Delivery Products
Step 4 : Regular Follow-ups, Track Progress, Achieve Goals

What weight loss can I expect?

In our practice, individuals have lost from 2 kg to 129 kg. Individual results depends on various factors such as your starting weight, metabolism, adherence to the program, and individual body composition. For personalized estimates no need of the highlighted part, visit our Results page. Our 4-week online weight loss program starts at ₹2999, with weight loss procedures begining at ₹15000 and healthier meals at just ₹99. For further details, visit our Pricing page.

What are the delivery and consultation options for Leptyn's weight loss program?

Our weight loss programs are entirely online, with home delivery of our weight loss kit. If you're advised a weight loss procedure, you'll need to visit our clinical setup in person. You can book online consultation here.

How safe are Leptyn's weight loss programs?

Leptyn's weight loss programs are designed with safetu as our top priority. Our protocols are overseen by specialist weight loss doctors to ensure efficacy and your well-being throuout your journey. For any specific concerns, please discuss with our consulting doctor.

Weight Loss Food Kit

Healthicious Choice

₹100 per day only

90 healthy meals per month

3x dietician consultation

Pan India free delivery

Suitable for diabetics

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